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The HCG diet is based on diet research by an endocrinologist named Dr. Simeons back in the 1950's. He found that when small amounts of HCG were combined with specific low fat foods, people lost more abnormal fat and less good fat.

HCG Max was developed after two and a half years of clinical research in 34 locations throughout the US and Canada. With a total of over 70 ingredients, it is like nothing on the market to help people get the weight off and help keep it off using Simeons' original HCG concepts.

There are people losing from 15-30 pounds in 4 weeks with the HCG diet. Most women lose 15-20 pounds a month and most men lost 25-30.

We have found that people who follow our HCG Max diet don't really experience a lot of the usual challenges of a low calorie diet and tell us they've gotten better weight loss than anything they've tried before.

The science of the diet is designed to choose only the foods listed and in the exact amounts that are listed. I hear people call it a "500 calorie" diet, but the calories vary each day depending on what foods are chosen.

The people that have gotten excellent results are the people that have eaten only what is listed on the diet and in the amounts listed.

The people that keep the weight off are the one's that follow the "21 day after" the HCG diet transition period and learn to eat sensibly.

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